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Wales Beach Guide

Tree Mallow (Lavatera arborea)

Plants with white flowers
Burnet RoseCommon Scurvy Grass
Danish Scurvy GrassPrickly Saltwort
Rock SamphireSea Aster
Sea CampionSea Carrot
Sea KaleSea Rocket
DewberryWood Sage
Plants with yellow flowers
Common Rock RoseHoary Rock Rose
Golden SamphireYellow Horned Poppy
Sea purslane
Plants with red or pink flowers
Beach RoseGreater Sea Spurrey
Red ValerianSand Spurrey
Sea BindweedSea Pink
Hounds TongueCommon Centaury
Spear-leaved Orache
Tree Mallow
Plants with blue or purple flowers
Common Sea LavenderRock Sea Lavender
Vernal SquillSea Holly
Sheep's Bit
Plants with green or brown flowers
Sea BeetSea Spurge
Grasses & Shrubs
Marram GrassLyme Grass
Sea Buckthorn
Tree Mallow

A tall, biennial woody plant, commonly found on sand dunes and dry, stony ground near the sea. The plant is covered in downy hairs. Leaves are maple-shaped. Flowers up to 2" across on tall, woody stems, pink-purple in colour with dark purple centres and radiating veins. It can grow to about 9 feet in height. Flowers June to September.