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Llyn Cwmorthin

Llyn Cwmorthin

Llyn Cwmorthin lies just above the village of Tanygrisiau (pronounced 'tanner grisher') near Blaenau Ffestiniog (pronounced 'Bline-eye fest-in-ee-og'). Overlooked by the derelict cottages of Cwmorthin Uchaf and mountains of slate waste, it's a good place for a swim. Although quite high up, there is some algae growth on the slate waste underwater (some of which can have sharp edges), so it's best to enter the water by sitting down and easing yourself in, rather than trying to walk over the lumps of slate.

A small car parking area can be found at Grid Ref : SH682454, but the lane leading up to it is very steep and narrow. Tanygrisiau station on the Ffestiniog railway is just under a mile away.

Llyn Cwmorthin
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