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Aberaeron Beach

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Aberaeron Beach

Aberaeron has two beaches, on either side of the harbour. The south beach has coarse sand at low tide and is backed by a bank of mostly boulder clay pebbles. The north beach is mostly rocks with very little sand. Dog restrictions apply on south beach between the first groyne to south of Beach Parade and the Harbour Walls, from 1st May to 30th September. Away from Aberaeron the shore becomes rockier in both directions. Surf conditions can be good, and usually best at low to mid-tide, but it can get crowded here.

There is P&D parking overlooking both beaches with plenty of free parking in the town on the north side of the harbour. Alternatively, if approaching from the south along the A487 during peak periods, a layby on the sharp bend before the village may be a better option. A footpath leads from here down to the coastal path which can be followed to the beach - total distance about ¼ mile.

Aberaeron is well geared to the summer influx of visitors with good facilities including a Tourist Information Centre, toilets, supermarkets, craft shops and plenty of cafes, restaurants and pubs.

Looking towards New QuayLooking towards New Quay
The north beachThe north beach
Looking towards New Quay
Looking towards New Quay
The north beach
The north beach
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