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Aberdovey Beach

Aberdovey Beach

Aberdovey (Aberdyfi in Welsh) is an unspoilt Victorian village situated on a narrow strip of land between the mountains and the sea, on the north side of the Dovey estuary. It has a sandy beach which is backed by a sea wall near the village with dunes to the north. Swimming is generally safe from the beach to the north, but there are strong currents near the estuary. Other popular activities here include sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and fishing. Dog restrictions apply from April 1st until September 30th on the main section of the beach, the boundary being marked by a large wooden pole. There is some free short term roadside parking, and longer term P&D car parks.

Facilities here include ice-cream shops, take-aways, pubs, hotels, toilets, drinking water and a Tourist Information Centre. Aberdyfi railway station is approximately 400 yards to the west and Penhelig station is about the same distance to the east.

The sandy shore continues northwards, backed by dunes and is probably a better choice for bathing although there can be rip currents in surf conditions.

The village and beach
The village and beach
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