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Porth Pant Gwyn & Porth Bieg

Porth Pant Gwyn

Porth Pant Gwyn (above) and Porth Bieg are essentially one long beach of sand and shingle on the Llyn Peninsula's northern coast. Access to Porth Bieg (Grid Ref: SH254380) is from the coastal path north of Porth Towyn, which drops down to near beach level as it crosses a small stream.

About 400 yards further north, the coastal path crosses the Afon Mynachdy, with waterfalls onto the shore - this section of the beach being known as Porth Pant Gwyn. Access to the shore is possible by scrambling down the bank and rocks either side of the waterfall. This part of the beach has more sand. Both beaches have mostly seaweed-covered rocks below the mid-tide point. The closest parking is as for Porth Towyn, at Towyn Farm.

The photos were taken around mid-tide.

Porth Bieg
Porth Bieg
Porth Pant Gwyn Beach
Porth Pant Gwyn Beach
Tideline at Porth Bieg
Tideline at Porth Bieg
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