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Borth Wen & Aber Geirch

Borth Wen

Borth Wen and Aber Geirch (both of which are included in a book on Wales' secret beaches) are probably the least appealing of all of the Llyn Peninsula beaches. Borth Wen (above) is a small beach of rocks and shingle, with a few small patches of sand and backed by banks of sand and boulder clay. There are no obvious paths down, but scrambling down is easiest at the eastern end.

Aber Geirch (below) is about ½ mile further west (Grid Ref: SH265403), and consists mostly of shingle and rotting seaweed, which on warm days creates an unpleasant smell. A pipeline runs along one side of the beach.

Both beaches border a busy golf course and are hardly secret, and as beaches go, you wouldn't want to spend time at either of them.

Aber Geirch
Aber Geirch
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