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Dinas Dinlle & Morfa Dinlle

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Dinas Dinlle

Dinas Dinlle village takes its name from the large Iron Age hillfort just to the south. The beach is of coarse sand and shingle, backed by a concrete walkway with (free) car parking areas behind this. It is very exposed with no shelter from the wind. Access is up easy ramps or steps to the walkway which is level with the shingle at the back of the beach. A dog ban operates between the two groynes on the beach (approximately 300 yards) from 1st April until 30th September. In either direction the shoreline is very similar.

There are good facilities here, including toilets, drinking water, cold water showers, cafes, cycle parking (by the toilets), beach shops and a children's play area.

About a mile further along the coast is Morfa Dinlle which has a sandy beach at low tide backed by a high shingle bank. Parking areas on rough ground are located between the road and the shore almost all the way between the two.

Signs warn of fast currents, so swimming is not advisable. Looking south, the mountains of Yr Eifl can be seen and to the north is Anglesey and Newborough Beach.

Dinas Dinlle looking southDinas Dinlle looking south
Morfa Dinlle looking northMorfa Dinlle looking north
Morfa Dinlle looking southMorfa Dinlle looking south
Dinas Dinlle looking south
Dinas Dinlle looking south
Morfa Dinlle looking north
Morfa Dinlle looking north
Morfa Dinlle looking south
Morfa Dinlle looking south
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