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Ynys Gifftan

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Ynys Gifftan

Ynys Gifftan is a small tidal island in the wide Afon Dwyryd estuary near the village of Talsarnau. Access is along a public footpath from the village, which leads across marshy pasture land and the sands of the estuary. Like most tidal crossings, this one comes with the usual dire warnings, but the island is only about 400 yards from the shore and only becomes an island for a short time around the high tide period. Make sure you know the tide times before crossing and allow plenty of time for your return.

There is sand on most sides of the island, a few rockpools and sheltered areas for sunbathing. On the opposite side of the estuary is the village of Portmeirion.

The island itself is privately owned and covered in bracken and scrub with a derelict cottage on the eastern side. The nearest rail station is Talsarnau, about ¾ mile away.

The west side of the islandThe west side of the island
The east sideThe east side
The west side of the island
The west side of the island
The east side
The east side
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