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Traeth Gwrddon

Traeth Gwrddon

It always seems that the best beaches are the most difficult to get to, and this secluded cove near Aberporth is no exception. The nearest (roadside) parking is at Parcllyn (Grid Ref SN244513). From here it is a good ¾ mile walk along the coastal path, which after an inland diversion around the DERA site runs high along the top of the valley, by-passing the beach. A steep path which is easily overlooked, descends into the narrow valley. There used to be a small settlement here and steps have been cut into the rocks to make the final descent a little easier, but a little climbing is necessary for the last 9 feet or so.

The beach is sand at low tide, with some caves and a small cascade in the corner as a stream drops down into a series of rock-pools. Further back up the valley the stream tumbles down a much larger rock face.

This is a very peaceful place - the only sounds you are likely to hear are gulls, the lapping of waves and the purling of water down the rocks. It's a good beach for some wild swimming, sunbathing and peace and quiet.

The photos were taken an hour before low tide.

Gwrddon BeachGwrddon Beach
The valley behind the beachThe valley behind the beach
Gwrddon Beach
Gwrddon Beach
The valley behind the beach
The valley behind the beach
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