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Llwyngwril Beach

Llwyngwril Beach

Llwyngwril Beach (pronounced 'hlwin-goo-ril') consists of rocks and some sand at low tide, backed by a pebble bank with further sandy areas to the north. A small, free parking area with (seasonal) toilets is located just off the A493 and about 300 yards from the beach (follow signs for the station). From the car park walk along the lane until just before the railway line, turn right to cross the Afon Gwril river, and continue along a tarmac footpath along the north side of the river to the beach. Llwyngwril's railway station is a request stop on the Cambrian Coast Line with a 2-hourly service, and is approximately 200 yards from the beach.

There are no facilities at the beach, but the village has a pub, a small shop and plenty of camp-sites nearby.

The surf here is unreliable, but can be good with a south-west wind and usually best around high tide. Rocks can be a hazard and it's not a beach for the inexperienced.

Afon Gwril emerging onto the beach
Afon Gwril emerging onto the beach
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