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Morfa Bychan

Morfa Bychan

Morfa Bychan is a mostly rocky beach situated below the Morfa Bychan Holiday Park. It's backed by cliffs of shale and boulder clay, with a sandy area to the south. For those seeking secret beaches, a walk of about a mile further south (along the shore) will find a large sandy, and usually deserted beach. The lower part of the beach is mostly seaweed covered rocks, and there is often a strong smell of seaweed. The unstable cliffs are overhanging in some places, and look ready to crash onto the shore at any moment.

The only path down to the shore on this section of coast is at the Holiday Park, where access is by means of wide wooden steps. However there are some narrow gullies carved by small streams which could provide a way off the beach in an emergency.

The Morfa Bychan Holiday Park have informed me that they will allow parking at their reception area for non-residents, provided they are notified about the vehicle. Also, it may be possible to park at the top of the hill before the gates, but care must be taken not to cause obstruction to farm vehicles.

The name Morfa Bychan translates as 'Small Marsh'.

About a mile south of Morfa Bychan
About a mile south of Morfa Bychan
A beach to yourself
A beach to yourself
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