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Porth Iago

Porth Iago

Porth Iago (pronounced 'ee-argo') is a small, picturesque bay of sand backed by a grassy bank, situated between the headlands of Dinas (to the north side) and Graig Ddu. The car park is just above the beach, and reached via a private track through Ty Mawr farm which has a P&D machine for parking. Access to the shore is down a steep sandy path. Dogs are allowed, but must be in vehicles passing through the farm. It's a very sheltered beach, and good for sunbathing and swimming.

If the route through the farm is closed, proceed as for Porth Ferin, thence taking the coastal path back around the Penrhyn Mawr headland.

From the car park
From the car park
Looking up the beach
Looking up the beach

There are 3 reviews for this beach :

Date : 07 Jul 2015
Comment : This beach is beautiful, I went there on a walk and it was lush.
Date : 18 Sep 2015
Comment : Spent a beautiful September day here today. 7 hours on the beach and not another soul to be seen. Such a beautiful place..
Date : 26 Feb 2018
Comment : We tried to access Porth Iago by road on 22nd Feb 2018 via the Ty-mawr farm track, with access being indicated by the (relatively new) finger post sign at the beginning of the lane near Ty-hen. Having reached the farm though the track was blocked by 2 tractors, as well as a new printed sign attached to the farm gate post clearly stating 'NO PUBLIC ACCESS'. The farm track had obviously been subject to a substantial recent amount of work, with the hedge row 'grubbed out' and new fencing installed.
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