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Porth Pistyll

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Porth Pistyll

Porth Pistyll is a little visited beach just over a mile long, situated between the headlands of Penrhyn Bodeilas (to the south) and Penrhyn Glas. The shore is mostly shingle and some sand at low tide, with the remains of a port at its southern end. The beach is backed by boulder clay banks, and most of the pebbles on the upper shore are of granite. Towards the northern end on the lower shore, a good variety of pebbles can be found.

A small lane just north of Pistyll village leads to St Beuno's church, scenically situated in a grove next to a small stream. There is a parking area just a few yards down this lane with additional parking in a layby on the opposite side of the B4417.

To reach the beach you need to turn right at the church into a field, and then head for the opposite corner where you will find a small gate. The path down to the shore is a little indistinct, but rocks have been set into the ground to form some basic steps.

Tideline at Porth PistyllTideline at Porth Pistyll
Tideline at Porth Pistyll
Tideline at Porth Pistyll
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