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Porth Towyn & Porth Ysglaig

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Porth Towyn

Porth Towyn is a small sandy bay north-west of the village of Tudweiliog. There is very limited roadside parking on the lane behind the beach, from where the beach is a walk of about 200 yards. It is often easier to park (roadside) in the village of Tudweiliog, from where a public footpath leads across fields about ¾ mile to the beach. A dog ban operates on most of this beach from April to September inclusive. The sand here, when dry, makes a squeaky sound when walked on, similar to nearby (and better known) Whistling Sands.

A short walk west along the coastal path is Porth Ysglaig, which is mostly stony and backed by a caravan park.

Porth YsglaigPorth Ysglaig
Porth Ysglaig
Porth Ysglaig
There is 1 review for this beach :
Name : David Barker
Date : 01 Aug 2014
Comment : One of the most beautiful secluded beaches around.
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