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Porth Towyn & Porth Pengallt

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Porth Towyn

Porth Towyn is a small sandy bay north-west of the village of Tudweiliog. There is very limited roadside parking on the lane behind the beach, but Towyn farm usually provides some parking with an honesty box for the fee. Access to the beach is a walk of about 200 yards down a good path. Alternatively, it may be easier to park (roadside) in the village of Tudweiliog, from where a public footpath leads across fields about ¾ mile to the beach. A dog ban operates on most of this beach from April to September inclusive. The sand here, when dry, makes a squeaky sound when walked on, similar to nearby (and better known) Whistling Sands. Facilities include a craft shop which also serves teas and ice-creams.

Porth Pengallt is the next beach to the north east, which divides into three smaller coves after about mid-tide - two of which are connected by a short cave. Access is a scramble down the grassy slopes.

Porth PengalltPorth Pengallt
Porth PengalltPorth Pengallt
Porth Pengallt
Porth Pengallt
Porth Pengallt
Porth Pengallt
There is 1 review for this beach :
Name : David Barker
Date : 01 Aug 2014
Comment : One of the most beautiful secluded beaches around.
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