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Porth Lefesig & Porth Widlin

Porth Lefesig

Named after a ship 'The Lefesig' which was wrecked here, Porth Lefesig (also known as Porth Fesyg - above) is a sheltered cove of coarse sand, approximately 100 yards wide with rock-pools to either side. It is backed by steep banks and the easiest access to the shore involves criss-crossing the bank to avoid the steepest parts. A public footpath leads directly to the beach from the nearby lane at Grid Ref : SH189320. The 'Public Footpath' sign appears to be missing, so you need to follow the field boundary in the more south-westerly of the two fields. If you park here be sure not to cause obstruction to farm traffic.

A short walk westwards brings you to Porth Widlin (Grid Ref : SH182325), which is a beach of shingle backed by the usual grassy banks.

The photos were taken at low tide.

Porth Widlin
Porth Widlin
Porth Lyfesig beach
Porth Lyfesig beach
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