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Porth Ysgaden & Porth Gwylan

Porth Ysgaden

Porth Ysgaden is a narrow, sandy inlet backed by cliffs of boulder clay and reached via a long track. This leads to a small parking area on the cliff top with good views out to sea. Access to the shore is down a steep slipway (authorised vehicles only).

It's a popular location for scuba diving and quite sheltered for sunbathing, although there is often an accumulation of sea-borne debris at the back of the beach.

Originally known as Porth Sgaden, the name translates as 'Herring Cove', and in the 18th century it was an essential port for the local area. On the headland overlooking the cove is the remaining gable end of a cottage, which was once the home of the local customs officer.

Porth Gwylan (Grid Ref : SH216368) is approximately half a mile to the south, and is a very sheltered 'L' shaped bay consisting mostly of rocks with some sand at low tide. Access to this beach is down a wide path which leads to some concrete steps. Porth Gwylan translates as 'Seagull Port'.

Porth GwylanPorth Gwylan
Shore at Porth GwylanShore at Porth Gwylan
Porth YsgadenPorth Ysgaden
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