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Tanybwlch Beach

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Tanybwlch Beach

Tanybwlch is a ¾mile long beach of dark grey, coarse, gravelly sand situated south of the Ystwyth river. The shingle bank at the back of the beach is now a nature reserve and carries the coastal path. Towards the south the shore becomes rocky and is backed by high cliffs of slates and shales. The beach is overlooked by the Iron Age hill fort of Pen Dinas with its monument. This beach is much quieter than Aberystwyth's North and South beaches yet only a 15 - 20 minute walk from the main town.

There is a free parking area (8 foot height restriction) at the north (Aberystwyth) end. If travelling from the south, this can be reached without having to negotiate the town centre roads.

Behind the beach is the picturesque Ystwyth valley, with two separate footpaths leading inland to Tanycastell.

The beach from the southThe beach from the south
Tanybwlch beachTanybwlch beach
The beach from the south
The beach from the south
Tanybwlch beach
Tanybwlch beach
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