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Tonfanau & Cae-du


Tonfanau (pronounced 'Tonn van eye') is a very quiet beach of sand and rocks, backed by shingle with the Afon Dysynni emerging onto the beach. The beach is backed by banks of boulder clay with agricultural land behind. Northwards the shore is mostly rocks and shingle with a few low tide sandy areas. About 1¼ miles to the north is Ogof Owain, a small cave where Owain Glyndwr is said to have hidden from the English in the early 15th century.

Tonfanau rail station is approximately 400 yards from the beach and a public footpath adjacent to the station leads to the beach, passing the remains of an old army camp. The area was once part of a firing range, and any suspicious objects found should be left alone and reported to the police. A road runs alongside the railway and is quite wide with very little traffic, and parking is possible here.

About 1½ miles to the north is Cae-du, where a campsite overlooks a shore of rocks, pebbles and some small patches of low tide sand. The low cliffs are of boulder clay, and the Cambrian Coast rail line runs just behind the site. Parking for beach visitors is allowed - pay at the farmhouse. Some parking can also be found in lay-bys about ½ mile north on the A493, but bear in mind that the county road ends at the railway bridge - there is no public right of way on to the shore.

Looking back up the beach
Looking back up the beach
Cae-du Beach
Cae-du Beach
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