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Traeth y Bilis & Traeth yr Ysglan

Traeth y Bilis

Tucked away beneath the Lochtyn headland, the pristine sandy cove of Traeth y Bilis is relatively easy to get to, although it doesn't appear so from the coastal path. Access involves some minor scrambling down the headland on the north side, and needs to be done with care as there is considerable loose slate material. The beach is of clean sand with sea stacks, and the cliffs offer good shelter, although a safe distance needs to be kept in case of rock falls. This beach needs to be visited around the low tide period otherwise it's mostly underwater.

Traeth yr Ysglan is about 200 yards away towards Llangrannog, and can only be reached on foot at low tide from neighbouring Cilborth beach, but unless the tide is exceptionally low, this will involve a short wade around the point. Alternatively it could be reached by a short swim from Traeth y Bilis. Parking is as for Llangrannog.

The name 'Traeth y Bilis' and 'Traeth yr Ysglan' translate as 'Promontory Beach' and 'Spray Beach' respectively.

Traeth yr Ysglan
Traeth yr Ysglan
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