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The Warren & Quarry Beach

The Warren

The Warren is a sandy beach about 1½ miles long, extending from Abersoch harbour to the granite headland of Mynydd Tir-y-Cwmwd at the north-eastern end. Part of it is privately owned by the holiday village which backs it, but public access is allowed. The shore in front of the village is extensively used for launching of various water-craft. Dogs are allowed at all times.

P&D parking at the Abersoch end is available in bays alongside the A499 (landward side of road) just east of the village. Beach access is then a short, sandy path through the National Trust's Tywyn y Fach property. Alternatively, (free) lay-by parking is available 250 yards east of the Warren Holiday Village - beach access then being a public footpath (right-of-way) through the village. The beach looks out towards St Tudwal's islands to the south-west and the Cambrian mountains towards the east.

This beach is sometimes known as Castellmarch beach and the eastern end as Quarry Beach or Glan Mor Gwaith. Its far western (Abersoch) end is known as 'Traeth Tywyn y Fach' or simply as 'The Fach'.

Quarry Beach
Quarry Beach
Late afternoon at the Warren
Late afternoon at the Warren
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