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Whistling Sands (Porth Oer)

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Whistling Sands

Whistling Sands (Porth Oer) is a sandy National Trust beach at the north-western tip of the Llyn peninsula. The beach is backed by banks of sand and boulder clay, becoming rocky at the northern end. Parking is on grass at a National Trust car park, with a P&D machine for times when it is not attended. There is some space for roadside parking near the lane to the car park. Access to the beach is a walk of about 300 yards further down the lane, where there is a cafe / beach shop almost on the beach. Easier roadside parking can be found by continuing northwards along the lane to its next junction. A little further on, a footpath leads down to the northern end of the beach.

The sand here consists mostly of rounded grains of quartz of a uniform size, which under dry conditions make a squeaky sound when walked upon - hence the name Whistling Sands. Dogs are not allowed between 1st April and 30th September. The welsh name 'Porth Oer' translates as 'Cold Port'.

Tideline at Whistling SandsTideline at Whistling Sands
View of the beachView of the beach
Tideline at Whistling Sands
Tideline at Whistling Sands
View of the beach
View of the beach
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