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Traeth Abermenai

Traeth Abermenai

Traeth Abermenai (also known as Traeth Melynog) is a wide, featureless bay of wet sand, bordered mostly by a narrow band of saltmarsh. At the extreme south-eastern end is Abermenai Point. For those who like secret beaches, there is a good sheltered sandy area on the southern side just inside the point (main photo). The far end of Newborough Beach is only about 100 yards away over the dunes.

The nearest parking is at (Grid Ref: SH432643), where a small (free) parking area has space for about 6 - 7 cars. From here, it is a walk of about 1500 yards across Newborough Warren (beware of horse flies in summer), followed by a similar distance across the sands of Traeth Abermenai. If walking across the sand, be aware of the tide times - on such a wide beach with a shallow gradient, the incoming tide will flood the bay very quickly. Alternative access is along the shore from the car parks at Newborough Forest - a distance of about 2½ miles. Flora to be found here include marsh helleborine, marsh orchid, glasswort (on the beach) and plenty of ragwort.

The photos were taken 2 hours after low tide.

In the middle of the bayIn the middle of the bay
From the main access pointFrom the main access point
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