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Porth-y-Corwgl & Porth Saint


To the south west of Borthwen beach is the smaller, sandy cove of Porth y Corwgl (one of three Anglesey coves with this name), which is generally much quieter than its neighbour. It's a narrow, sheltered cove which looks out to the islands of Ynysoedd Gwylanod.

Porth Saint is a small rocky cove with no sand, but of geological interest. The pink coloured rocks are sandstones stained with iron oxide. It's named after St. Gwenfaen who, according to legend, escaped from pursuing druids in this bay. Access is down a gully from the coastal path, with a bit of a scramble at the bottom.

Porth y Corwgl
Porth y Corwgl
Porth Saint
Porth Saint
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