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Hen Borth & Porth Tywodog

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Hen Borth

Hen Borth is a beach of mostly sand and shingle, backed by boulder clay with agricultural land behind. A very narrow lane leads to a small parking area at Grid Ref: SH317926 (Lat : 53.4039°N, Lon : 4.5327°W), from where a narrow kissing gate opens to a footpath which follows a small stream to the beach. It looks out towards the Skerries (with a lighthouse) and the island of West Mouse which has a white tower.

Just west of Hen Borth is Porth Tywodog, which is a long beach of shingle, some small sandy bits and (at certain stages of the tide) a rocky lagoon. It is backed by banks of boulder clay and looks out to the island of West Mouse, about ¾ mile offshore.

The photos of Hen Borth were taken at low tide on a hot July afternoon, and the beach was deserted.

Hen Borth looking westHen Borth looking west
Porth Tywodog - east sidePorth Tywodog - east side
Porth Tywodog - west sidePorth Tywodog - west side
Hen Borth looking west
Hen Borth looking west
Porth Tywodog - east side
Porth Tywodog - east side
Porth Tywodog - west side
Porth Tywodog - west side
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