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Llanddwyn Island

◆ Porth y Cwch ◆ Porth yr Halen ◆ Porth y Clochydd ◆ Pilot's Cove ◆ Porth Twr Bach ◆ Porth Twr Mawr ◆ Porth yr Ogof ◆

Llanddwyn Island

Llanddwyn Island only becomes an island at high tide, and even then it's usually possible to wade across from Newborough beach. Its whitewashed lighthouse is a prominent feature of the southern Anglesey coast. There are several small, secluded coves mostly along the eastern side. Beginning at the crossing point and working out to the lighthouse these are: Porth y Cwch - Grid Ref : SH391631, Porth yr Halen - Grid Ref : SH391629, Porth y Clochydd (above) - Grid Ref : SH391631, Pilot's Cove - Grid Ref : SH386624, Porth Twr Bach - Grid Ref : SH386623 and Porth Twr Mawr - Grid Ref : SH385624. Excluding Pilot's Cove, these names translate as 'Boat Cove', 'Salt Cove', 'Sexton Cove', 'Small Tower Cove', 'Big Tower Cove' and Cove of the Cave respectively. Pebbles to be found on the beaches include pillow lavas, green schist and jasper. Dogs are not allowed on the island from 1st May to 30th September. There's plenty to explore and some unusual flora to be found. The nearest parking is at Newborough Beach.

The name Llanddwyn translates as 'The church of St. Dwynwen', St Dwynwen being the Welsh patron saint of lovers.

Pilot's CovePilot's Cove
Porth y CwchPorth y Cwch
Porth Twr MawrPorth Twr Mawr
Porth yr HalenPorth yr Halen
Porth Twr BachPorth Twr Bach
Porth yr OgofPorth yr Ogof
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