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Porth Llanlleiana & Porth Cynfor

Porth Llanlleiana

Porth Llanlleiana and Porth Cynfor are two small coves near the village of Llanbadrig on Anglesey's north coast. The nearby lane is very narrow and parking is difficult, but there are spaces to be found so long as you park responsibly and are prepared to walk. Alternatively, park as for Llanbadrig and take the coastal path.

A public footpath leads from the lane to a track, then down across the bottom of the valley to a junction. Turning left here will take you to Porth Llanlleiana which is a narrow rocky cove set in a steep sided valley and backed by a derelict porcelain works. There is a picnic table here pleasantly positioned overlooking the bay.

Turning right at the path junction leads to Porth Cynfor or Hell's Mouth, which is rather uninteresting cove of pebbles and some low tide sand. Access to this beach is a scramble down a steep bank.

The coastal path between the two beaches leads over Llanlleiana Head, which is the most northerly point in Wales, and has a ruined monument (to Edward VII's coronation) and traces of a prehistoric hill fort.

Porth Cynfor or Hell's Mouth
Porth Cynfor or Hell's Mouth
Porth Llanlleiana looking towards Middle Mouse
Porth Llanlleiana looking towards Middle Mouse
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