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Malltraeth Bay

Malltraeth Bay

Malltraeth Bay is ideal for those seeking a beautiful sandy beach without the crowds. Situated between Llanddwyn Island and the Cefni estuary, it is 1½ miles long and a good mile's walk from the nearest car park (at Newborough Forest). Not surprisingly there is always plenty of space here. The beach is backed by tall dunes and Newborough Forest. Green pillow lavas outcrop at the southern end near Llanddwyn Island. At the approximate midpoint of the beach are the remains of the Athena - a Greek ship wrecked in 1852.

Alternative access to the northern end would be from a small car park just off the A4080 at Grid Ref : SH411670 (Lat : 53.1768°N, Lon : 4.3792°W), but it's a good hour's walk from here.

'Malltraeth' translates as 'Desolate beach'. Dogs are allowed at all times, but as restrictions apply on the western end of Newborough Beach, they would have to be walked through the forest.

The photos were taken at high tide.

Tideline at Malltraeth
Tideline at Malltraeth
Looking towards Llanddwyn Island
Looking towards Llanddwyn Island
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