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Penrhyn Bay & Porth Dyniewaid

Penrhyn Bay

Penrhyn Bay is a wide beach of coarse sand and shingle with stone breakwaters at either end. It is backed mostly by a sea wall and access is down steps from Glan-y-Mor Road, which has spaces for roadside parking. The western end of the beach can be accessed by a public footpath from Penrhyn Beach East (road) in the housing estate which backs that end. Dogs are allowed at all times and there are no facilities here.

To the west, just below the Little Orme headland is Porth Dyniewaid or Angel Bay (Grid Ref SH819827). This is a tiny cove of mostly shingle with limestone cliffs to the west side and large limestone boulders on the eastern side. Access is down a steep bank. The beach is often used by seals for breeding, especially from September to January and should be avoided if there are any seals on the shore.

Behind the beach, the limestone headland of the Little Orme rises to 463 feet, and is a much more interesting place than the beach. The nearest parking is on one of the roads of the housing estate to the south east.

Looking east
Looking east
Tideline at Penrhyn Bay
Tideline at Penrhyn Bay
Porth Dyniewaid
Porth Dyniewaid
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