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Porth Crugmor & Porth Penrhyn

Porth Crugmor

Porth Crugmor or Cable Bay (above) is a small picturesque cove about 750 yards south of the more popular Church Bay on Anglesey's north-west coast. The shore consists of shingle and low-tide sand. Access is from the coastal path which drops down to beach level. Its seclusion is spoiled by a holiday home overlooking the shore.

On the other side of the southern headland is Porth Penrhyn, which is a longer beach of sand and shingle. Access is a steep path down a gully near this headland.

'Porth Crugmor' translates as 'Sea Mound Cove'. The photos were taken at mid-tide.

Porth Penrhyn
Porth Penrhyn
Porth Penrhyn looking south
Porth Penrhyn looking south
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