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Porth Eilian & Porth y Corwgl

Porth Eilian

Porth Eilian is a sheltered sand and shingle cove on Anglesey's north coast, and is perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The road from the village ends in a turning circle, allowing passengers to be dropped off and there is a (free) car park and toilets a short walk back up the lane. The beach looks out towards Point Lynas with its lighthouse. Dogs are allowed at all times. The photos were taken at mid-tide.

A short walk eastwards along the coastal path will lead to Porth y Corwgl (one of three Anglesey beaches with this name). Another source claims there is a path down to the beach, but there isn't and this beach is not accessible on foot. However, the rocks just outside the cove are easy to reach, and on a calm day it's an easy 50 yard swim to the beach. The photo of Porth y Corwgl was taken an hour after low tide.

Calm Sea at Porth Eilian
Calm Sea at Porth Eilian
Porth y Corwgl
Porth y Corwgl
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