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Porth Rhwydau & Copper Mine Creek

Porth Rhwydau

Porth Rhwydau is a very small cove of sand which is underwater between mid and high tide. It can be accessed from the coastal path by scrambling down the rocks at the eastern side. The descent is quite easy provided you take time to ascertain the best route down. There are some caves here, one of which is about 20 yards long and has some colourful rock formations. The name Porth Rhwydau translates as 'Cove of the (fishing) nets'.

Copper Mine Creek is a narrow inlet just to the east, and can be reached by a short steep path down from the coastal path. The nearest parking for both is at Porth Dafarch. The photos were taken at low tide.

Porth RhwydauPorth Rhwydau
Inside a cave at Porth RhwydauInside a cave at Porth Rhwydau
Copper Mine CreekCopper Mine Creek
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