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Porthygwichiaid & Porth Helygen

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Porthygwichiaid and Porth Helygen are two small, secluded shingle coves on Anglesey's east coast. Porthygwichiaid (above) is the larger of the two and access to the shore from the coastal path is at the northern end.

Porth Helygen is about 400 yards to the south, and looks out towards the island of Ynys Dulas. The path down is a bit rough, but leaves the coastal path at its lowest point behind the beach.

Public footpaths lead from the nearby lane (which is very narrow) to both beaches. The photos were taken at mid-tide.

The names Porthygwichiaid and Porth Helygen translate as 'Periwinkle Cove' and 'Willow Cove'.

Porthygwichiaid from the northPorthygwichiaid from the north
Porth HelygenPorth Helygen
Porthygwichiaid from the north
Porthygwichiaid from the north
Porth Helygen
Porth Helygen
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