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Traeth Llydan (Broad Beach)

Traeth Llydan

Traeth Llydan is a wide beach of coarse sand backed by dunes situated just east of the village of Rhosneigr. The A4080 leading into the village from the east has a wide gravelled verge along its northern side where vehicles may be parked. From here a few footpaths lead across the dunes to the beach. Dogs are allowed at all times.

The village of Rhosneigr has a few small shops and cafes and a railway station. The station is just over a mile from the beach and can be reached via public footpaths alongside Llyn Maelog.

Looking south-east
Looking south-east

There is 1 review for this beach :

Date : 09 Jun 2016
Comment : This is my favourite beach. Yes the swell can slap you in the face when you're swimming, but the setting with the sunny dunes ensconcing you on one side, and the wide open sea on the other is just a terrific feeling when you're taking a dip. It's sufficiently populated so that you're not overconspicuous as a sort of sole bather, but it's not overcrowded.
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