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Porth Trwyn & Porth y Ffynnon

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Porth Trwyn

Porth Trwyn (above) is a small beach on Anglesey's western shore, consisting of low-tide sand and rocks and shingle at the top of the beach. There is usually a line of rotting seaweed which can be somewhat malodorous as well as concealing rockpools when stepped on. It is situated about 1¼ miles west of Llanfaethlu on the A5025. A small (free) car parking area on stony ground is located between the road and the beach. Access to the shore is along a short track. The coast on either side is indented by numerous small coves - to the south is a tiny shingle cove known as Porth Fudr and the wider cove of Porth y Ffynnon (below). This is a mostly rocky beach with some small patches of sand and a natural arch towards its southern end.

Porth Fudr and Porth y Ffynnon translate as 'Dirty Cove' and 'Cove of the Spring'.

Porth y FfynnonPorth y Ffynnon
Porth y Ffynnon
Porth y Ffynnon
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