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Porth yr Ynys & Porth Helaeth

Porth yr Ynys

Sometimes known as Moelfre North Beach, Porth yr Ynys (above) is a beach of shingle near Moelfre on Anglesey's east coast. It looks out towards the island of Ynys Moelfre, about 100 yards offshore. The coastal path runs along the back of the beach.

A little further west is Porth Helaeth, which is almost entirely rocks and pebbles. Access is from the coastal path which drops down to beach level. On the top of the hill to the west is a memorial to the Royal Charter - an iron-hulled steam clipper bound for Liverpool, which was wrecked on the rocks here during the Great Storm of October 25/26th 1859.

The names Porth yr Ynys and Porth Helaeth translate as 'Island Cove' and 'Wide Cove'.

Porth Helaeth
Porth Helaeth
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