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Aber Bach

Aber Bach

Aber Bach is a small cove of pebbles and low-tide sand, about 3 miles east of Fishguard. Access is a walk of approximately ½ mile along public footpaths from Dinas Cross. Parking is available on the north side of the A487 opposite the tennis court. From here (facing north) take the bridleway to the left until it meets a narrow lane (this bridleway shares its route with a small stream for about 10 yards), turn left to the bottom of the hill and then right along a track just before crossing the stream at the bottom. This lane is very narrow and does not have any suitable parking places.

A stone seat at the back of the beach near the path junction provides a convenient place to stop for a break.

The photos were taken at low tide.

Looking out to sea
Looking out to sea

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Date : 22 Apr 2015
Comment : We have visited our relatives in the area for over 40 yrs, and no holiday is complete without a visit to Aberbach. The place is so peaceful, and really should remain a secret.....!
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