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Abereiddy Bay

Abereiddy Bay

Abereiddy Bay (pronounced 'Abber-ay-thee') and the Blue Lagoon are situated on Pembrokeshire's rocky north-west coast. The car park overlooks the beach, and fills up quickly in summer. Access to the shore is a walk of a few yards across the pebbles. The beach itself is shingle and dark sand flanked by cliffs of slate and shales. Graptolite and other fossils can be found in the rocks.

On the north side are the ruins of quarrymen's cottages known as The Street, and a toilet block is set a little further back from the beach. Refreshments are usually available from catering vans in the car park. Dogs are allowed at all times.

Just north of the beach a good wide path leads to a flooded slate quarry known as the Blue Lagoon - a popular spot for jumping from heights of about 4 and 8 metres into the water. Signs warn that the water is cold and 100 feet deep. It's good spectator sport if you've had enough of the beach.

The Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon
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