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Wales Beach Guide
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Amroth Beach

Amroth Beach

Amroth is a wide sandy beach on the Pembrokeshire / Carmarthenshire border and the start of the Pembrokeshire section of the Wales coastal path. The stream at the eastern end of the beach marks the county border. The road here runs along the seafront and there is plenty of parking on the verge as well as two small free car parks.

The beach is mostly sand backed by a storm bank of pebbles and a sea wall. At low tide the remains of a submerged forest are visible. The surrounding cliffs are composed of mudstones, sandstones and coal measures. It's generally a safe beach for swimming and water sports and there are two slipways, but jet skis are banned from launching here. Access to the beach is either down one of the slipways, or a walk across the pebbles. During low tide it is possible to walk to the neighbouring beaches of Wisemans Bridge, Telpyn and Marros. Access to or from the Coastal Path is possible just before Telpyn Point (the point in the middle distance above). The eastern end of the beach has large wooden groynes which provide sheltered areas for sunbathing.

Both ends of the beach have toilets and a pub, and the western end has a cafe and beach shop. Lifeguards patrol during the school summer holidays (10.00 to 18.00). Dog restrictions apply from 1st May to 30th September. The restricted area runs approximately from the Amroth Arms pub to 100 yards beyond the toilets at the eastern end of the beach.

Amroth often suffers during winter storms, and at one time there were houses on both sides of the road in the photo above.

Eastern end of the beach
Eastern end of the beach
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