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Broad Haven South

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Broad Haven South

Broad Haven South is a large sandy beach, backed by dunes and flanked by low limestone cliifs. It is located between Saddle Point (on the eastern side) and Star Rock. Just out to sea is the limestone stack of Church Rock. The stream from the Bosherston lily ponds runs along the east side of the beach, usually creating a large pool ideal for splashing around in, whilst on the opposite side of the beach by Star Rock is an effusive fresh water spring. Behind the beach are two valleys - the more easterly of the two leads to the Bosherston lily ponds whilst the other (Merepool Valley) is a dry limestone valley with a track leading back to the road.

The beach itself is sheltered and generally good for swimming but currents can occur in surf conditions. Parking is at a National Trust car park (P&D or attended) from where access to the shore is down a concrete path with steps. The car park is listed as a Dark Sky discovery site - a good place for some star-gazing pernoctations. Facilities here include toilets, drinking water, cold water showers and usually a refreshment / ice-cream van. Another car park is situated in Bosherston village from where footpaths lead to the beach via the lily ponds, a distance of just under a mile. The village also has tea rooms with outdoor seating and a traditional country pub (St Govan's Inn).

Dogs are allowed at all times. Surf here can be good on a big swell especially in winter and the beach is famous for its big board-breaking wedges, when waves from either side of the beach converge. Best conditions occur on mid to high tide. Watch out for rips!

Early evening high tideEarly evening high tide
The inlet leading to the lily pondsThe inlet leading to the lily ponds
Early evening high tide
Early evening high tide
The inlet leading to the lily ponds
The inlet leading to the lily ponds
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