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Bullwell Bay

Bullwell Bay

At first glance, Bullwell Bay would appear to be a most uninteresting place. It's a small beach of shingle and low-tide mud approximately 100 yards wide, with red sandstone cliffs to either side. It lies directly opposite the town of Milford Haven and looks out towards the jetties which serve the oil tankers, just a few hundred yards from the shore. Behind the beach are wooded slopes, a ruined farmhouse and an old lime kiln. However, if you take one of the two paths down to the shore (the one on the eastern side is the easiest), you will find there are millions of shells here of many different species. These include : limpet, slipper limpet, cockle, mussel, saddle oyster, tower shell, winkle, European cowrie, dog whelk, top shells, carpet shells and otter shell.

The nearest official parking space is approximately 1½ miles away at Angle Bay (Grid Ref : SM897020 - Lat: 51.6777°N, Lon: 5.0424°W). From here, a private road (which is also the coastal path) continues around the side of Angle Bay towards Popton Fort.

Looking eastwards
Looking eastwards
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