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Carew is a small village just off the A477, famous for its water mill and Norman castle. There are two free car parks - one in the village, and another pleasantly situated on the opposite side of the 23 acre millpond, with good views of the castle. This one has several picnic tables and plenty of seating alongside a level path leading to the water-mill. It provides a good base for exploring the local area on foot or bicycle with some public footpaths leading north towards Cresselly. The castle and water-mill both have admission charges, and are open daily from Easter to October. Carew village also has a pub and toilets.

Carew Castle was built in stages between 1100 and 1600 and finally abandoned around 1686. It is one of the most haunted castles in Wales. Paranormal groups report hearing footsteps, seeing lights and ghosts, including a Princess called Nest who appears on still nights and a Barbary ape who was the pet of a previous occupant of the castle.

The Castle and Mill pond
The Castle and Mill pond
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