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Coppet Hall Beach

Coppet Hall Beach

Coppet Hall is at the northern end of Saundersfoot Bay, and is a beach of sand, backed by some shingle and a P&D car park. Facilities include toilets ♿ and a Beach Centre with a bar / restaurant. A voluntary dog ban operates from 10 am to 5 pm from May to September inclusive. Saundersfoot's rail station is just over a mile away, and Coppet Hall can be reached by following the B4316 down to St Issell's church, thence taking a public footpath through the Old Mill Caravan Site.

The name 'Coppet Hall' derives from 'Coal Pit haul' - a reference to its earlier mining days. A former colliery tramway which ran from Saundersfoot harbour to Stepaside is now a foot / cycle path, linking Coppet Hall to Saundersfoot through a 70 yard tunnel, and to Wisemans Bridge via tunnels of 20 and 110 yards. Two old mine adits, now blocked off, can be seen adjacent to the path. These were iron ore workings and did not link to mines further inland as a local information board claims. Wisemans Bridge can also be reached along a cliff path which begins at the rear of the car park.

Coppet Hall Beach
Coppet Hall Beach
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