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Porth Dwgan

Porth Dwgan

Lying just north of Aberbach, Porth Dwgan (originally Porth Duggan) is one of Pembrokeshire's secret baches, which also has a secret access. The shore is of pebbles, surrounded by high cliffs and it's a popular venue for local coasteering clubs. From most sides it appears to be inaccessible, but access is possible at low tide if you know how. From the coastal path, take a rough path leading towards the headland on the north side of Porth Dwgan, and scramble down the steep bank to a narrow inlet of boulders which glisten with millions of tiny crystals. Keeping to the left, continue towards the sea and if the tide is low enough, you should be able to reach a zawn and cave on the left side. The cave emerges on the rocks at the side of Porth Dwgan, and more clambering over rocks is necessary to reach the pebbly shore. If visiting this beach, make sure you know the tide times and don't get cut off!

Just outside the cove on the south side lies the wreck of the Charles Holmes (a sailing ship of some 800 tons) - one of many ships which sank in the Great Storm of 25th October 1859.

The photos were taken at low tide.

Cave leading off Porth Dwgan
Cave leading off Porth Dwgan
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