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Flimston Bay

Flimston Bay

Flimston Bay is in the Castlemartin MoD range and access is restricted, usually to weekends. The beach is sand backed by shingle with limestone cliffs, stacks and arches, and the sea is clear and inviting. A few piles of driftwood and plastic spoil this otherwise beautiful beach.

Free parking is available at the Range car park at Elegug Stacks. From here the beach is approximately 500 yards east along the coastal path. Access to the shore involves a tricky scramble down a steep gully in the cliffs at the north-west corner. There is often a rope here, but it is possible to get down unaided. However, it's probably best avoided in wet conditions and it's no place to bring your granny, young children or dogs. There are no facilities here, but the car park has picnic tables, cycle stands and usually an ice-cream van in summer.

A recorded message giving precise firing times for the range is available on 01646 662367.

Flimston BeachFlimston Beach
Flimston from the eastFlimston from the east
The way down (and back up)The way down (and back up)
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