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Gelliswick Bay

Gelliswick Bay

Gelliswick Bay is on the north side of the Milford Haven waterway, and looks out towards a mass of jetties serving the tankers. The beach consists of sandstone pebbles and green weed strewn sand backed by a sea wall. On the east side is Hubberston Fort (no public access) and behind the beach are toilets, a boatyard and large lawned areas which make a better place to sit and sunbathe than the beach. There is a slipway here and plenty of parking space. Dogs are allowed at all times.

The beach at high tide
The beach at high tide

There is 1 review for this beach :

Date : 15 Jan 2014
Comment : The picture does not really do this beach justice, perhaps it is a little bit untidy at one end which the Seagulls seem to like, but actually when the tide is up it's a very nice place to visit. There is plenty to see, small sailing vessels, large tankers and ferries. One can let your imagination run riot wondering what happened at the fort and what it could become. There are several nice walks from here and pleasant views from the overlooking Golf Course. We visit time to time to our 'old' friends and I always find this Bay and the walks very satisfying.
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