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Monk Haven

Monk Haven

Monk Haven is a narrow, sheltered cove of red sandstone pebbles and some low tide sand near the village of St Ishmaels. It's backed by a high castellated wall and flanked by low cliffs of red sandstone. The wall was built in the 18th century to mark the boundary of the Trewarren estate. Adjacent to the coastal path just east of here are the remains of a watch-tower, perched precipitously on a cliff above a small inlet. The beach looks out towards the entrance to the Milford Haven waterway.

Access to Monk Haven is via the coastal path, or by taking a narrow lane (signposted to Monk Haven) on the west side of St Ishmaels village. This leads to St Ishmaels church where there is very limited space for parking. From here, a good footpath continues along the wooded valley to the beach.

Dogs are allowed at all times. The photos were taken at low tide.

Looking up the beach
Looking up the beach
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