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New Quay & Trevallen Cove

New Quay

New Quay is a narrow sandy inlet surrounded by limestone cliffs and situated in the MoD's Castlemartin Range near Bosherston. Access is restricted, usually to evenings and weekends. To get there, you need to park in the Range Car Park at St Govan's Head (this is free and has 2 cycle stands), and take the coastal path heading east until you see the head of a narrow valley. This can be followed down to the beach. Alternatively, park at the NT car park for Broad Haven, from where it is a 10 minute walk along the coastal path. There are no facilities here, but nearby Bosherston has a pub and a cafe. The photos of New Quay were taken at high tide.

About ⅓ mile to the north is Trevallen Cove - two small sandy beaches connected by a cave through a narrow headland. The more northerly of the two is outside the MoD range, and is accessible at all times. Access is a steep path and a scramble down a few rocks. The other cove (known locally as Little Horn) is inside the MoD range and can only be accessed when the range is open to the public. It can be reached either by climbing through the cave, or by a steep path down the north side. On a low spring tide (which occurs in the afternoon in Pembrokeshire) it is possible to walk along the rocky shore to and from New Quay. Trevallen cove is just a hundred yards from the southern end of the NT car park for Broad Haven South.

A recorded message giving precise firing times for the Castlemartin range is available on 01646 662367.

Looking westLooking west
Trevallen Cove - SouthTrevallen Cove - South
Trevallen Cove looking towards Church Rock and Caldey IslandTrevallen Cove looking towards Church Rock and Caldey Island
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