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Pwll Gwylog

Pwll Gwylog

Pwll Gwylog is one of Pembrokeshire's secret, secluded beaches and is situated a short walk away from the much busier Pwllgwaelod. The beach is mostly shingle with some gravelly sand and flanked by crumbling cliffs of slate. The shingle bank at the back of the beach is made up mostly of thin rounded pieces of slate, which are ideal for skimming or building towers. Access to the beach is down a steep path to the eastern side, and the nearest parking is at Pwllgwaelod. It's a good beach for sunbathing, snorkelling or swimming.

The name 'Pwll Gwylog' translates as 'Guillemot Pool' and the photos were taken at low tide.

Pwll Gwylog
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