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Skrinkle Haven & Church Doors

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Skrinkle Haven

Skrinkle Haven and Church Doors are two neighbouring small coves separated by a limestone headland, and are best visited around low tide.

Church Doors cove is rocks and some low-tide sand. Skrinkle Haven is the better of the two, and mostly sand backed by high cliffs of limestone, changing to Old Red sandstone on the west side.

A (free) car park is situated on the cliff top adjacent to the coastal path, and can be reached by turning off the B4585 (Manorbier Road) in Skrinkle village and continuing past the artillery range and youth hostel to the very end of the road. From the car park, follow the coastal path westwards for about 300 yards. Access to Church Doors cove is then down steep concrete steps, leading to a metal stairway (140 steps total). Skrinkle Haven can be reached by walking around the limestone headland, or by a narrow, slippery cave which pierces the headland and ends at a rock-pool. Both means of access (and egress) are tide dependent. Also, on the far (west) side of Skrinkle Haven a slightly overgrown path with steep steps leads back to the coastal path, but it has been closed, because of unstable cliffs. Despite this, and a metal fence across at the top, it still seems fairly well used.

Dogs are allowed, but may need to be carried on the metal stairway which has open-tread steps. The car park is listed as a Dark Sky discovery site - an area largely free from light pollution, suitable for star-gazing pernoctations.

Skrinkle HavenSkrinkle Haven
Church Doors coveChurch Doors cove
Skrinkle Haven
Skrinkle Haven
Church Doors cove
Church Doors cove
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