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Traeth Llyfn

Traeth Llyfn

Traeth Llyfn is a secluded bay on Pembrokeshire's rocky north-west coast. Access from the coastal path is down a long set of metal and concrete steps (133 total). The beach is mostly sand and some pebbles and backed by cliffs of slate and shale. It's generally safe for swimming, but a rip current often occurs on the south side. The steps are the only way off the beach, so keep an eye on the incoming tide. Dogs are allowed at all times, but may have to be carried down the metal stairway, which has open-tread steps.

Traeth Llyfn translates as 'smooth beach'.

The beach at Traeth Llyfn
The beach at Traeth Llyfn
From the North
From the North

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Date : 22 Dec 2015
Comment : great beach - I once waded in at 5pm on a September evening, and found myself in the company of a very curious seal!! And that's only one of three occasions where I've seen them there. There are pictures of their tracks on the sand when they waddle out at low water. Speaking of which, it's crystal clear! It's a walk to get to it - but well worth the effort. But check on the tides - if it's in and it's a spring tide then it washes right up to the steps.
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